Door Installation

Professional Door Installation Services in Mississauga

Doors serve as barriers designed to allow easy access to those we wish to allow entry to while preventing any unauthorized entry to our home or business. Interior doors have a similar function but generally need not be as secure as exterior doors. So far as interior doors are concerned providing family members (or employees, as the case may be) with adequate privacy is generally the main concern.

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There are many different kinds of doors. Doors are typically made from either wood, steel or glass, combinations of two or more materials is common (a steel door with glass panes positioned in them for instance). There are also doors designed with special needs in mind, for example, doors designed to be used by handicapped people, fire rated doors, automatically opening doors etc.

It is essential with any type of door that it be professionally installed. Less than perfect installation will prevent a door from functioning properly and, in the long run, will inevitably lead to malfunctions requiring repairs. For many years, we, at Greater Locksmith Mississauga, have been providing the local community with highly professional residential and commercial door installation services.

Any and All Types of Doors

Greater Locksmith Mississauga employs only highly experienced locksmith techs. Our techs know all there is to know about doors including door installation, door alignment, door repair and maintenance.

Whatever type of door you need installed you can trust us to do it for you perfectly. Whether it’s a new front door to your home, an exterior door for your business, an interior door, a fire rated door, doors with automatic opening mechanisms, or any other kind or door, we have the necessary skill and equipment needed in order to install it properly.

Reliable Service
As with all door, lock or key related services, you want a highly reliable outfit providing you with the solution you need. Greater Locksmith is well known for its reliability. We always deliver what we promise and we charge according to the quote we give, no unexpected hidden fees or any other unpleasant surprises.

Greater Locksmith techs are extremely service oriented, they know how important it is that they be efficient, especially so far as commercial door installation is concerned (so that a businesses’ normal function is disturbed as little as possible).

When you need a new door installed, allow us to do it for you and join our long list of satisfied customers. The doors we install are sure to serve their owners well for years to come.

We provide comprehensive door installation services including:

  • Commercial door installation (any type of exterior or interior doors)
  • Residential door installation (any type of front door, back door, interior door or exterior doors to porches, garages or yards).
  • Fire rated doors, installation, repair or maintenance (alignment for instance)
  • Handicap door openers, installation, repair and maintenance
  • Door alignment (any type of door)
  • Exterior door installation
  • Installing and maintaining any other type of door

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