Key Duplication

Professional Key Duplication Solutions in Mississauga, 24/7

When you find yourself struggling with a damaged key, or even worse, a broken key, you know it is the right time for you to call Greater Locksmith to come and assist you with the situation at hand and with any other kind of locksmith problem. Relying on our 24/7 availability to our loyal and satisfied Mississauga clients, our 30 minute ETAs anywhere in Mississauga, and our honest pricing policy, we offer professional locksmith solutions to any problem.

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Key duplication is a simple, fast service we provide, so you can start your car and drive off toward the horizon, or just get back into your home.

Certified Technicians

When in need of locksmith solutions it is abundantly clear that calling a certified and licensed locksmith company is the smart thing to do, as their technicians are well trained and capable of providing a professional solution to your locksmith problem.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our Mississauga clients, be it key duplication services that are in order, or any other locksmith solution, for that matter. Our reliable technicians arrive with cutting edge equipment that allows them to quickly duplicate any key, with outstanding precision and accuracy.

Quickly and Effectively at your Service

We, at Greater Locksmith, know how annoying and sometimes even frustrating a damaged key situation can be. Whether it is your house key, your office key, or your car key, a lost key or a broken key can mean a lot of trouble and a significant loss of time and energy.

You would be surprised how often lockout situations actually happen, some even at night, and that is why we are always available, readily at you service. Our technicians are capable of delivering effective key duplication services on the spot, as they are extensively trained to successfully handle any kind of lock and key on the market.

Call Us Now

Having your key lost or damaged does not have to be a difficult and daunting experience. Greater Locksmith’s experts will duplicate a perfect key for your benefit, as if the original was never lost.

So the next time you try to turn your key within the lock, and it will just not budge or actually break within the lock, call us and we will be there in no time. Being local Mississauga residents like yourself, you can rely on us.

For more info on our key duplication services call (289) 799-0077